Do Pets Help You to Live Longer?

Pets Could Extend Your Life  For most of us, pets are part of the family. From companionship to keeping you active, there are many reasons why having animals around improves your health and wellbeing. According to numerous studies, pet owners tend to lead longer lives. The health benefits of pets have been widely studied and Read More

Negotiation Tips Every Woman Should Know and Use

Heading to the Negotiating Table? Take These Tips Whether you’re job hunting, working for that raise and promotion, buying a new house or selling a house, you will need to implement some negotiation tactics. Whether negotiation a salary or contract, it’s important to keep a clear head, do your research, and consult an expert if Read More

2019 Wildfire Season: Staying Prepared

Insurance Tips for Wildfire Season Washington is predicted to have a particularly severe wildfire season in 2019. Wildfires are becoming increasingly regular as development pushes further into wilderness areas. In an effort to save lives and help our clients, we wanted to remind everyone of some basic but commonly forgotten wildfire safety information. Wildfire Preparedness: Read More

Have You Referred a Friend Yet?

Help Your Friends and Community!  Humble & Davenport Insurance of Washington has always been dedicated to making a difference in the community by providing high-quality insurance coverage at the lowest possible rates. We consider it to be a personal compliment every time someone chooses us as their insurer or refers a friend to our services. Read More

Why You Need Manufacturing Insurance

Is Manufacturing Insurance Right For You? The ever-growing manufacturing industry includes a number of different trades, each with varying specialities, skills, and risks. When it comes to risk, whether your manufacturing operation is large or small, you need a business insurance policy designed to cover your company and the items it creates. Here’s why you Read More

Everything You Should Know About Cyber Insurance Coverage

How Cyber Liability Insurance Protects Your Business  Every business knows that it can be at risk of theft, fire, vandalism, natural disaster damage, and more. Yet, few remember the digital risks that threaten every business that operates online, stores data digitally, and has a digital presence. Hackers are getting smarter, meaning that businesses need to Read More