Does Your Business Need Flood Insurance?

Commercial Flood Insurance and Your Business  An unexpected flood can severely damage your business’s assets. Unless you have around $90,000 to repair the flood-damaged property, your business could benefit from obtaining a flood insurance policy. To help you determine if your business could benefit from flood coverage, read on. Flood is an excluded period under Read More

Easy Hacks to Be More Eco-Conscious at Work

How Businesses Can Be More Eco-Friendly It’s no secret that we’re in a climate emergency. United Nations have stated that we only have 11 years to limit climate change catastrophe, so it’s no wonder that people are doing everything they can to prevent the worst from happening. While individuals can do their part, businesses can Read More

Home Repair Jobs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Don’t Ignore These Issues Around the Home  It’s easy to ignore a seemingly small issue around the home and think that you’ll fix it when you have more time on your hands. When a home concern isn’t an emergency, homeowners tend to avoid paying them any attention. Unfortunately, leaving an issue can result in costly Read More

It’s Natural Wellness Month! Tips to Improve Your Wellbeing

Top Tips for Wellbeing  August is National Wellness Month, which gives us the perfect opportunity to spend some time improving our mental health and overall wellbeing. Far too often, these aspects of health get pushed to the bottom of the priority list. This month, tend to your wellbeing so that you feel happier and more Read More

How to Find Affordable Home Insurance for Your First Property

Insurance Tips for First-Time Homebuyers If you’re in the middle of purchasing your first property, congratulations! Although everything may seem overwhelming right now, it will all be worth it when you’re settled in the house of your dreams. When you’re busy house hunting and scrupulously managing finances, it’s easy to forget one of the key Read More

How to Get the Kids Ready to Go Back to School

Prepare the Kids for a New School Year The long days of summer are behind us, which means kids are getting ready to go back to school. If your children have been enjoying late nights and sleeping in every morning, the early wakeup call on the first day back to school can be a rude Read More