3 Ways to Help Your Teenage Driver Understand Road Safety

Prepare Your Teenage Driver for the Roads Ahead Did your child just receive his or her learners permit? While your teen is undoubtedly excited, as a parent you are probably extremely anxious. Your child learning to drive means that you no longer have to be the chauffeur, but you also know how dangerous the roads Read More

Common Home Appliances You’ll Need to Replace

Home Appliances That You May Need to Replace As with most things in life, your home appliances will go through normal wear and tear through everyday use. You will find that within a few months or a couple of years, these appliances will need to be repaired or replaced, especially those that you use regularly. Read More

Important Tips for Handling a Total Loss Vehicle Claim

What to Do After a Total Loss Auto Accident It’s what every motorist dreads to hear – “Your vehicle is a total loss.” Whether you were involved in a significant auto accident and expected the worst, or you bumped into something which damaged an essential component of your vehicle’s integrity, writing your car off can Read More

What You Didn’t Know Homeowners Insurance Could Cover

Lesser-Known Benefits of Homeowners Insurance If you have a mortgage, then it’s likely that your lender requires you to have homeowners insurance. However, even if you don’t need this coverage, it is worthwhile protection. Not only does it cover your property, belongings, and wallet, but it offers additional benefits that many are in the dark Read More

Tips to Prevent Home Insurance Claims by Spring Cleaning

Get Your Home Spring-Ready Spring is in the air, and most of us know what that means – alongside enjoying the warmer weather and brighter days, spring means spring cleaning. There’s no denying that spring cleaning is part of good home maintenance practices and can be therapeutic to blow away the winter cobwebs! What’s more, Read More