Could Filing a Home Insurance Claim Be a Mistake?

Find Out When Filing a Home Insurance Claim is Worthwhile  A home insurance policy is designed to cover your home and belongings in the event of a disaster. So, when an incident does happen, homeowners often rush to file a claim. That’s what you have coverage for, right? While some people believe that they might Read More

Which Disasters Are Covered by My Homeowners Insurance?

Is Your Home Covered Against Disasters?  When you are looking for homeowners insurance, you will want to see whether the policy covers natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes. While standard homeowners insurance in Renton, WA covers a wide range of situations, not all “acts of God” are covered.   A standard home insurance policy Read More

How to Update Your Home Inventory during Get Organized Month

Use These Tips to Update Your Home Inventory  Did you know that January is Get Organized Month? During the New Year, we can often feel a bit lifeless after the fun festivities. However, January brings a sense of new opportunities and revitalization. This can also include our homes. You may have received some valuable and Read More