Top Tips for Renters with Bad Credit

Listen up renters with bad credit, here’s what you need to know. Bad credit can haunt you. A bad credit report can make some tasks difficult, from renting an apartment to buying a car to taking out a loan. As many landlords now rely on a credit check to vet potential renters, it becomes ever Read More

How and Why to Achieve Transparency in Your Business

Determine how to effectively add transparency in your business. In today’s world of social media networks and online business marketing, more and more businesses are incorporating transparency into their marketing efforts. Why? Because customers and stakeholders increasingly expect it. Transparency is about being open, honest, and accountable. In this age, people want to do business Read More

What Factors Affect Rates for Auto Insurance in Renton

Find out which details of yours affect rates for auto insurance in Renton. When you’re looking for car insurance, it can be tempting to reduce your rates by choosing lower amounts of coverage or by raising your deductibles. These are the two most obvious factors that directly affect the rates for auto insurance. You may not Read More

Which Navigational System Should You Use in Your Car?

Determine which navigational system is the safest to use while driving. It’s clear in today’s society that the smartphone has replaced a growing number of standalone devices: the iPod, alarm clock, the compact digital camera. It’s also rendered satellite navigational devices somewhat obsolete. With GPS and maps built into every smartphone, there’s no obvious need Read More

The Top Financial To-Dos When Getting Engaged

Sweet-talk your sweetie into checking off these financial to-dos when getting engaged. If you’ve recently gotten engaged (congratulations!), you may already be planning the wedding. From the flowers to the centerpieces to the venue to the dress, there’s a lot to think about. But, don’t forget an important element of your new life together means Read More

Three Safety Hazards Around Your Home

Create a safe house and eliminate the risk of these safety hazards around your home. Creating a safe house makes it so that your family can grow and thrive on a daily basis. While you may do your part of locking the doors every night and changing the batteries in the fire alarm when needed, Read More