What’s Not Included In A Standard Homeowner’s Policy – Video

Homeowners Insurance provides you with valuable protection against disasters and accidents, including fire damage, accidents on your property, identity theft, and much more. These protective coverages can save you a substantial amount of money after a traumatic event occurs. But there are a few standard exclusions to most Homeowners Policies you should be aware of. Read More

Settle Your Small Business’s Finances Before the New Year

The end of year financial checklist for the small business’s finances. As a small business owner, you work hard to make sure that your company is successful in all its endeavors. As we all know, the end of the year calls for festivities, parties, and family engagements. But before you end up having a stack Read More

Steps on How to Handle Holiday Stress

Handle holiday stress and keep your cool over the winter. This season is the most wonderful time of the year! With family and friends, there’s nothing nicer than spending a few cozy days with all of your loved ones. In reality, it rarely goes smoothly. With disagreements in the family, taking a week off work, Read More

How to Winterize Your Car

Get your ride ready for adverse weather by learning how to winterize your car. The nights are getting darker, the temperatures are dropping, and that means that winter is almost here. On December 21st, winter will officially be upon us, and now is the time to winterize your car for the adverse weather ahead. As Read More

Top Insurance Resolutions to Review for 2017

Kick off the New Year with these insurance resolutions. Are you ready to ring in the New Year? If you’re all set for 2017, you’ll need to factor in an insurance review. Coverage protects your assets, family, and finances. To best determine what policy is best for you, you’ll need to assess your current policies Read More

Warm Up Your Home with These Fireplace Safety Tips

These fireplace safety tips will help to keep your home cozy and safe throughout the winter. What’s better than cozying around a warm fire with the family in winter? With the temperatures dropping in Renton, now is the time to do some prep work before stoking up the first fire of the year. So that Read More

How to Conserve Fuel & Save on Your Auto Insurance in Renton

Save on your auto insurance in Renton while you save gas. Bad driving isn’t just unsafe; it’s expensive. Your driving habits have a direct impact on your car’s fuel consumption, possibly even more so than your daily commute. Planning your travel, following speed limits, maintaining safe following distances and paying attention to traffic, and driving Read More