What Is Condo Owner’s Insurance?

Condo Owner’s Insurance Basics Owning a condo is a great way to have a space of your own without all of the responsibilities of owning a house. While you still have to maintain your home, it allows you the freedom to not have to worry about taking care of a yard. Since owning a condo Read More

Finding the Right Car for Your Teen Driver

As a parent, having a teen driver in the family can be a scary and expensive time! If you have added a teen driver to your auto insurance policy, you are not stranger to the steep premium increase. Buying the right vehicle for your teen can help keep the cost of your auto insurance low, Read More

Protect Your Pipes From Freezing This Winter

As the outside temperature continues to drop, it is important to make sure that your home is protected from the cold weather. One of the most vulnerable parts of your house is the water pipe throughout your home. Any water pipes that are exposed to the outside temperatures are vulnerable to freezing. As the water Read More