Protecting Your Home From Flood

Water damage occurs in different ways at different times. Damage from floods happen during big storms like hurricanes and in low-lying areas where rivers often overflow their banks. Homes that are at risk for floods need special flood insurance to protect their property when this type of damage occurs. Water damage can also occur when Read More

Insurance for RV’s and Toy Haulers: What You Need to Know

RVs, or motor homes, are recreational vehicles that provide a comfortable living space suitable for long- or short-term residence. To qualify for most type of RV insurance, a vehicle must have all of the following permanently installed–cooking appliances, refrigeration, bathroom facilities, heating or air-conditioning, a drinkable water supply and a 110–125 volt electrical power system. Read More

Banana Split Sundaes

We here at Humble & Davenport Insurance want to share one of our favorite dessert recipes with our clients. This recipe for Banana Split Sundaes will be a hit with the whole family. It includes the nutritional powerhouses of both fruit and nuts, so healthy moms and dads will love this dessert too. Banana Split Read More

Umbrella Insurance: Protects Your Property

Anyone who drives a vehicle, owns a home or business should consider the ways in which that property comes under threat from litigation.  Insurance companies have devised affordable ways to carry millions of dollars of liability protection.  Owners are wise to acknowledge that our litigious society places personal property at risk of loss through frivolous Read More

How to Protect Your Family from Getting the Flu

It can be a challenge to keep your family safe from colds and the flu but with some diligence it can be done. Colds and the flu have a domino effect once one family member becomes ill it is pretty much a guarantee the rest of the family will get the cold or flu that Read More

Auto Insurance Protects More Than Your Car

Protection against loss is the primary purpose of auto insurance.  Drivers learn quickly that appropriate coverage pays for many expenses that will be associated with accidents.  Vehicle repair and replacement is a small portion of the coverage extended to the policyholder. Liability coverage – Drivers in every state are required to carry the minimum amount Read More