Humble & Davenport Insurance Helps People Recover Belongings

Humble & Davenport Insurance warns people to keep careful track of their belongings no matter where they go. Any time a person is out, they can lose an iPhone, car keys or all their credit cards It’s important to keep track of items when going to the gym, hitting the bars for a drink or Read More

About Deshonda Shubin!

Mother of 3, Grandma of 3, and Account Manager! Direct Phone: (425)226-8221 Ext. 203 Email: Deshonda has been a thriving member of our team for three and a half years and makes up the other half of our commercial lines department! Outside of the office Deshonda stays incredibly busy playing referee, chauffeur, maid, counselor, Read More

The Best Holiday Quiche Tart Appetizers

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year. Holiday parties are a huge hit whether it is an office party, family/friend’s party or you are hosting your own holiday party – you are going to need food. These holiday quiche tart appetizers are easy and quick to make and they are delicious. It takes Read More

My child has their learner’s permit, do they need to be on my insurance?

It probably feels like your teen was just a baby yesterday. Time flies and your teen is ready for their driver’s permit. When this time comes, the primary question that will run through your mind is, “Do I need to add my child to my insurance policy now that he or she has their learning Read More

About Debbie Winston!

Debbie Winston Proud Mother/Grandma, Dedicated Football Fan, and Account Manager! Direct Phone: (425)226-8221 Ext. 202 Email: Debbie has been a wonderful addition to our company for 7 years now. She is an account manager on our commercial side and is a very good one at that! Debbie has two daughters who she has made Read More

What type of insurance do you need for a food truck?

The food truck industry has become very popular. As with any vehicle, you must have the proper insurance. Because you are handling food, the requirements for insuring a food truck differs from a standard auto insurance policy. To insure a food truck, at a minimum, you must have commercial vehicle insurance which includes a liability Read More