Summer Boating Safety Tips to Save Your Life

With summer around the corner, trips to the lake will be on your weekend agenda. Having a boat opens the door to many fun-filled incidents while substantially increasing potential risks. Here are some tips for a safe boat ride this summer. Know Your Boat’s Capacity Remember that every boat has a weight limit. Excessive weight Read More

6 Tips to Help Save on Motorcycle Insurance in Renton, WA

Motorcycles are unique assets. While traveling around on your motorcycle is an exciting experience, it also comes with potential risks. Motorcycle insurance helps protect you if an accident happens. Here are some tips for finding a motorcycle insurance policy that aligns with your budget. Join a Biker Club Many insurance companies offer discounts to riders Read More

What Small Businesses Need to Know About Buying Contractor Insurance in King County?

Hiring an independent contractor might help you accomplish tasks, but it’s crucial to know their insurance status. Any contract work that involves risks requires a contractor insurance policy. If you are looking to get some contract work done, here are some important points about contractor insurance. Check for Required Insurance Coverage for Independent Contractors When Read More

Top Workers’ Compensation Injuries and How to Prevent Them

The National Safety Council estimates that 12,600 workers suffer work-related injuries daily. Workplace accidents lower employees’ productivity, which in turn affects a company’s performance. In 2019, employers spent over $63 billion on workers’ compensation claims. It is evident that workplace accidents have a significant financial impact on businesses. Therefore, employers and employees should work together Read More

Do Crimes Influence the Cost of Auto Insurance in King County, WA?

Auto insurance companies look at multiple factors to determine your auto insurance rates. Many of these variables are out of your control. A key uncontrollable variable that impacts your premiums is the crime rate in your area. The crime rate is calculated by dividing the overall number of reported crimes by the total population. Here’s Read More

How Important Is Restaurant Insurance to Stay Cool Amidst the Summer Heat?

Every restaurant owner who wants to stay in business needs insurance for protection against potential lawsuits and disasters. Risks increase for restaurants when they serve alcohol, which can attract aggressive crowds, particularly if there’s a dance floor and a DJ who encourages drinking. Here’s a look at the importance of having restaurant insurance in Seattle, Read More

Helping Seniors Find the Best Homeowners’ Insurance

When you get older, your insurance needs begin to change over time. Often, you downsize, moving from a larger home to a smaller one. While everyone’s situation may be different, your basic need in terms of homeowners’ insurance will remain the same with a few small considerations. Many seniors choose to travel or have a Read More

How Your Insurance Premiums May Change After An Accident

Research shows that auto insurance rates vary based on multiple factors. If you are involved in an accident, your premium will likely be impacted. Finding a strong policy in the aftermath may be challenging. Here’s an in-depth look at the process. Generally, your auto insurance rates will rise if you have been involved in an Read More